System Requirements: Windows Vista SP1 or later. / Pentium 1 GHz or higher with 512 MB RAM or more.


Quick and easy notes in one place


Just press Winkey + N to take notes from anywhere in Windows.


Do not lose anymore your notes into separate files by the computer.

Instant Search

Search, simply and quickly, for all your notes.


Keep your notes synced among your devices using Simplenote.

Markdown Support

Full support for Markdown markup language and HTML export.

Lightweight and Fast

The Notation is optimized to consume very little computer resources.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Winkey + NCreate a new noteCtrl + DDuplicate selected note
Ctrl + Shift + FSelect the 'Search' boxCtrl + DelDelete selected note
Ctrl + FSelect the 'Find' boxF3Find next
Ctrl + LSelect the notes listCtrl + +Increase font size
Ctrl + NMove the cursor to the note's textCtrl + -Decrease font size
Ctrl + PPrintCtrl + 0Set default font size
Ctrl + EExport selected noteF1Help
Ctrl + Shift + EExport all notesESCHide main window
Ctrl + Shift + IImport notesCtrl + QExit application


© Notation - 2014 - The Notation was idealized by Rodrigo Ghedin and developed by Alison Robson.
Contact and Support: [email protected]